Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lush Addict: Soap

Sea vegetable
This was the first Soap from Lush I tried and I must admit I was quite disappointed, the soaps are the normally one of the first things you see and at my local Lush they have them going from outside leading into the shop and the colour and scents are what draw you in, the smell of this is amazing exactly the kind that I like but when using it it's almost slimy in texture and doesn't lather well at all, it was just a let done and I won't be buying it again. I haven't put prices with the soaps as the price depends on the size of the slab you purchase. 
Rock star
Having pretty much dismissed the soaps after my disappointment with Sea Vegetable I hadn't considered buying any more but I received Rock Star in a set and it has completely changed my mind as it is just fantastic, the smell is very sweet and candy like which for me is a plus and it makes my skin feel soft and clean, the lovely scent also lasts on the skin for ages without being overpowering and it lathers like any normal soap as opposed to being sticky or slimy. I also received an Angels Delight for Christmas which I am yet to try but looks equally as lovely as its a translucent pink with glitter covering the top and it smells really nice too.  So if you're tried one of their soaps and been left disappointed I would recommend trying a few others before dismissing them completely or you could try and wangle some samples to find one you like because some of them are really great.

Once I've finished my Christmas soaps the next one I'd like to try would be this as I love the scent from the Karma Bubble Bar or maybe one of their duo packs which seem pretty reasonable for the price.

What are your favourite Soaps from Lush? Any recommendations or ones you think are a bit naff?

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  1. I've only tried rock star so far and love it!! Gorgeous smell and the best name of course. Hehe. ;)


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