Monday, 5 March 2012

NOTD: Spring Fling

It was lovely and sunny today (unfortunately it was also freezing cold) and I was feeling unusually cheery for a 7am start so today I painted my nails with what's supposed to look like little flowers. I used Barry M for the blue I think the shade is Blue Moon, the pink was a Beauty UK nail varnish I've had for ages but barely use and the black is my Models Own WAH nail pen which if you haven't got I would highly recommend as they make nail art incredibly easy even for a clumsy fool like me.
I'm in an incredibly good mood today (and hope all you are too) and I must say March is shaping up to be pretty lovely, today I had some great and encouraging feedback from my tutor at uni, I treated my self to a few little Soap and Glory goodies and the new issue of Company High Street Edit which I shall soon be reading in a lovely Lush bath and after a delicious Meatball sub spent the rest of my afternoon playing Grand Theft Auto with Pete. The rest of the week is looking pretty sweet to with going to see Jon Richardson tomorrow night and my lovely Bestie coming home for the weekend which inevitably means lunch and probably an unintentional trip to Lush. At the end of the month I shall be celebrating my four year anniversary with Pete which I am exceptionally happy about, so expect some slushy posts around the 29th.

How was your monday?

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  1. Heey:) omg your nails are amazing! I would actually find that impossible to do! :P so pretty! I'm a new follower! Please check out my blog and follow back if you like:)<3

    1. Thank you I'm following you now, you're blog is lovely
      : ]

  2. Your nails look really nice..:) i wish i could paint my nails as well as that.. *wishful face* Sounds like you've good a good week ahead of you too. X


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