Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sunday Summary

Where I've been-I spent Monday and Tuesday on my sofa wallowing after my little tumble down the stairs, went out with my parents on Wednesday and it was actually warm enough to be coat free! Went to the pub and managed to be good and only have two drinks and yesterday was lovely and sunny so me and Pete went to a vineyard nearby that has a lovely restaurant and little craft shops.
Music- The Used
Currently lusting after- Ooh La Lift by Benefit, I have a sample size version from one of their sets and it's fantastic especially if like me you tend to not sleep enough and so have constant dark suitcases under your eyes. I'm also on the look out for a nice ear cuff.
Mood- happy
Product of the week- Charles Worthington salt spray, it's great for when you can't really be bothered to do much with your hair, which for me is most of the time.
Movie- This week I've watched Paranormal Activity 3 which was quite good until the end which ruined it. I also watched Bambi with Pete and his mom which was nice as I haven't watched in years
Eating- I had a very nice chicken and bacon panini and nachos on Wednesday and at the vineyard I had a delicious Italian chicken club panini with salad and a pot of earl grey.
Drinking- Me and Pete shared a nice bottle of white Zinfandel last night and I brought myself some Tea Pigs breakfast tea from the vine yard because it's lovely.
Wishing- It actually felt like spring for longer than an afternoon.
Looking forward to- Going to see Jon Richardson on Tuesday and getting back to uni as I missed it last Monday.
Highlight- Both of my lovely day trips and I've done some more uni work this week which is going well.
Goal for next week- Continue to be more thrifty and do loads of uni work.
Thought of the week- Some people will never change.
Blog of the week- Paperbacks and Postcards

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