Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thursday's Bits Of Joy


Things making me smile this week:
My new Little Mermaid cup, an early anniversary present from Pete it has glitter in the bottom : ]
A little treat from Hotel Chocolat, I'm ridiculously excited for the Easter eggs especially as they're half price the day after Easter : ]
My HUGE Stitch mug which keeps my tea warm for absolutely agessss, my current tea addiction is Clipper Organic White Tea : ]
Lush baths with a good book or magazine, I've never tried the Sex Bomb one before but I made this one at the Lush workshop last week and as it was so fresh it was the fizziest bomb I've ever had and the smell was lovely, I'll definitely be buying this one again in the future : ]
The return of Made In Chelsea, my Monday nights will once again be filled with watching posh people living "real" lives and texting Beth to discuss every little thing that happens, not that we're lame at all : ]
Getting very excited about Beth coming home for Easter for almost a whole month, I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms from a lack of female company recently, I don't mind being the only girl at pub trips most of the time but I'm seriously missing my bestie at the minute : ]
Drawing big pictures of animals with charcoal whilst sat on the floor in my jammies looking like an extra from Annie : ]
As the sun's starting to shine and spring has officially begun, my mind has started drifting off to thoughts of Tenby and the little b&b that me and Pete have stayed at for the past three years and also the delicious toasted sausage sandwich I have everyday for breakfast : ]
Me and Pete will be celebrating our four year anniversary next week : ]
Using brand new stationary for the first time : ]
Finding my perfect lip colour : ]
Chinese takeaways especially when they come with fortune cookies for desert : ]
Looking forward to these films: onetwothree : ]

: ]


  1. I'm looking forward to watching the new series of MIC too! :P Love the Stitch mug, I want one too! :p x

  2. hehe i love the little mermaid glass!


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