Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Catch Up

So I've been pretty busy for the past week and as the final weeks of my university life are quickly coming to an end I'm probably going to be posting a little less frequently in the next month or so but I do have plenty of ideas for posts so I'll try to post as often as possible but obviously my degree needs to come first. So I just thought I'd do a little (well it was meant to be little) post about what I've been up to, I've been trying to make my blog photographs a bit better and more thought through as well so hopefully it shows : ]

Where I've been- Mostly curled up in a ball feeling ill and grumpy, putting together a scrap book as a gift for Pete of pictures and random stuff I've kept over the past four years, I pulled myself out of my grump for our actual anniversary and took a lot of Lemsip and we spent the day at the Safari Park. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we got a little overexcited over the new penguin section, made ourselves a packed lunch with cheese sandwiches and I made Pete buy me a stuffed tiger who is now named Tobey. Saturday we went to a little get together for one of Pete's friends 21st birthday which was nice. Sunday was quite busy we went for a walk round Bridgenorth with Pete's grandparents and family as his little cousins were down from Scotland, they are adorable and so polite which makes them even cuter. We had a delicious meal out for Pete's grandparents anniversary which was lovely but admittedly did make me a little sad as it was my Grandparents 60th anniversary on Thursday and the first one without my lovely Grandad. Lastly Sunday night we went to see You Me At Six as usual they were fantastic live although the sea of 15 year old girls made me feel quite old and it was a right kerfuffle to actually get there as we discovered just how terrible Sunday trains can be and ended up having to drive to Birmingham and then had to find a car park that stayed open late and wasn't ridiculously expensive but the show was worth it.
Music- Marina And The Diamonds
Mood- Cheerful
Product of the week- I'll have to go with Paracetemol as I've barely used any beauty products this week due to my horrid cold.
Movie- The Runaways which was better than I thought it'd be and me, Pete and his mom watched The Notebook which never fails to make me cry.
Eating- Me and Pete went for dinner on our anniversary, I had hand battered fish and chips and Pete had chicken strips, bacon and cheese with barbecue and ale sauce and we shared a side of garlic and herb flat bread, it was all delicious. The food on Sunday was equally fantastic I had breaded brie with cranberry jam to start and yet another hand battered cod and chips as a main and I had a cheeky nibble of Pete's dessert which was a delicious baileys chocolate cheesecake. So I may have to be a bit more healthy this week.
Looking forward to- A whole month of my best friend being back, the opening of Krispy Kreme in Merry Hill and the new series of Made In Chelsea.
Goal for next week- Work. Work. Work.
Thought of the week- Some people are so trashy and not in a fun Ke$ha way, in a you're going to have herpes by 15 kinda way, but this view may have been influenced by some of the ridiculous things I heard in the bathroom at the YMA6 show exhibit A- "like omg I've totally fucked him, doesn't he sit next to you in chemistry?" exhibit B "Are you gonna drink anymore? I've had like 2 ciders and I'm sooooo drunk" Classy stuff.
Blog of the week- Little Chief Honeybee her blog is amazing!

: ]

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