Monday, 23 April 2012

My Favourite Soap & Glory Products cont...

Hopefully you've enjoyed the other two posts in this series, so here are my other favourite Soap & Glory products:

Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath £5.50
I'm addicted to bubble baths and this is everything I could want in a bubble bath and more, it's pink, it creates mountains of bubbles and it smells divinely sweet, if I'm craving a supremely sweet bath I use this with a bit of a Lush Creamy Candy bar and it's pure heaven. Another thing that makes this fantastic is that it contains a body lotion so it softens you're skin whilst you soak AND the bottle is huge so it lasts absolutely ages even if you're like me and like to pour a tonne in each bath. So to sum up I pretty much love this.
                                                     Supereyes, Supereyes Wide Awake Lifting Eye Gel £9.00
When it comes to sleep I'm fairly terrible I can't remember that last time I got a good eight hours so it has become the norm for me to walk around with huge great bags under my eyes, but since using this about twice a week I must say my eyes look a lots less tired and zombie like. I smooth on a generous amount of this around my eyes after moisturising and it gives my skin a pleasant tingle and leaves the skin around my eyes looking and feeling a lot tighter and refreshed. It's not a miracle worker and won't leave your eyes permanently bag free, but I tend to use this if I know I'll be going out the next day and want to look refreshed and it's perfect as a quick pick me up.
Glad Hair Day Conditioner Amazing Daily Shine Conditioner £5.50
This has quickly become my all time favourite conditioner and it smells absolutely fantastic and leaves my hair smelling lovely. I tend to find a lot of conditioners make my hair feel weighed down and greasy only a few hours after washing my hair but this manages to leave my hair feeling light and soft as well being strong enough to fully detangle my rather wild hair. It is a bit pricey at over £5 but considering I use it every other day it seems to be lasting a decent while which more than justifies its price tag. 

Future Favourite:
Sugar Crush Body Scrub £8.00
After falling madly in love with Scrub 'Em And Leave 'Em I decided to buy another one of their scrubs whilst the 3 for 2 offer was still on, I had intended to purchase their infamous breakfast scrub but after smelling it I decided it was not for me, it doesn't smell bad but the scent of honey is rather overwhelming and as I don't like honey I was instantly put off. I expected this scrub to have a similar dessert like scent but was surprised and pleased to find that it has a zesty lime scent which manages to be sweet and light rather than being too clinical or toilet cleaner like. £8.00 seems like a lot for a shower scrub but the pot is huge and the product itself has a really thick dense texture so I am expecting this to last a good while. I haven't actually tried this yet so I can't give much insight into how well it works as a scrub but I have pretty high hopes for it.

I hope you've enjoyed this series.

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  1. I love the look of the bubble bath! Looks so yummy :) x

  2. Ah I love Soap and Glory reminds me so much of Christmas though because it's at that time of year I get stocked up! lol
    Great blog hun

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