Tuesday, 17 April 2012

NOTD: Barry M Magnetic Nail Varnish

So my first attempt at using magnetic nail varnish didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped but I'm sure after a few attempts it will work better/be less messy so anyway here's what I used:
Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish- I'm not sure what the name of the shade is but as far as I know they only do two magnetic polishes at the moment (the other being a red metallic), I can't seem to find any information about this polish either on the Barry M site or on the Superdrug site which is odd as that's where I brought it from. Anyway I've noticed a few brands are currently bringing out Magnetic polishes and with Barry M being a firm favourite of mine and not to mention a much cheaper brand I thought I'd try their version. The polish comes with a magnet in the lid and some fairly simple instructions on the side on how to create the wave effect, I painted a clear base onto my nails first then one coat of the Barry M and allowed that to dry fully, then comes the slightly trickier bit you paint another coat of the Barry M on each nail inidiviually and hold the magnet very close to the wet polish until you see the effect appear. Seems simple enough right, well I certainly struggled the bottle says to hold the magnet there for just five seconds but this had little to no effect so I did end up having to redo a few of them, I'd say waiting 10 seconds or longer is definitely needed to create a noticeable effect and even then it was a bit hit and miss but this may well be down to my clumsiness.

The other nail varnishes I used were Models Own- Ibiza Mix and Topshop- Gypsy Night.

Have you tried any magnetic nail varnishes, let me know and please post links if you've done your own posts about them and had more success.
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  1. I didnt realise Barry M had made magnetic polish! :O I will have to take a look :D

  2. I haven't tried magnetic before, really interested to though , it seems to create such a cool effect. Now I know Barry M do it I think I will give it a go! xx

  3. I love the look, but I'm clumsy with nail polish too :P x

  4. The Ibiza mix looks amazing with it! Great post!
    www.velvetbows.me xx

  5. I've found that the 17 magnetized nail varnish is a lot better than the Barry M one! x

    1. I saw the 17 version after I just brought the Barry M one so I skipped by it, I think I may have to try them out : ]


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