Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Summary

Krispy Kreme is now open in Merry Hill so obviously me and my brother had to buy a box for when my parents got home from the Isle Of Wight, The benefits of having a friend who's a bartender, I love the start of the month when all the new magazines come out, My nail varnishes needed a new home after outgrowing their first box, Lovely Chinese food, Lastly I finally have Instagram so feel free to follow me: sammyscribble.

Where I've been- I haven't done an awful lot this week other than uni work and trying to keep the house clean while my parents were away, I did go shopping with my brother which was nice and I spent a few evenings in the pub drinking too much but it's been a pretty quiet week.
Currently lusting after- Lots and lots of things as I'm trying to spend less but I may have to make a few sneaky purchases this week if I go shopping with Beth.
Mood- Lazy
Product of the week- Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All bubble bath, as the weather has got colder again (there was even some snow) I've found myself absolutely loving this in a nice hot bath, it has built in body lotion so it leaves your skin incredibly soft after a good soak and the smell is a lot lighter than my Lush faves so it's quite nice if you don't want it to linger, also the bottle is huge and is lasting ages so it's well worth it's £5.50 price tag.
Movie- Pete got me a chick flick box set as part of my anniversary present and I had a lovely afternoon drawing and watching Mean Girls followed by Clueless.
Eating- Kripsy Kreme donuts, my favourites being the Strawberry Gloss (its pink, glittery and delicious), the Chocolate Sprinkles and the Chocolate Dreamcake. I also enjoyed a chinese takeaway - Cantonese sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice, prawn wontons, vegetable spring rolls and sesame prawn toast, I may possibly be having a food baby.
Drinking- My friend Dan works in a pub and has been trying out some new cocktail ideas, this one was Captain Morgans Spiced Rum, Blue curaco and orange juice, it was delicious and sweet.
Looking forward to- Going for lunch with my lovely mom, getting loads of work done (hopefully) and finally getting to see Beth.
Highlight- Pete stayed over quite a lot this week and thanks to the fact I live within walking distance of at least five pubs he actually had the chance to drink for a change which was nice as we don't get the chance to drink together very often, plus with the cold weather it's always nice to have someone to cuddle with. I've also become quite addicted to Temple Run this week.
Blog of the week- The Beauty Of Louise

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  1. oh those doughnuts look heavenly!
    i'm doing the whole health thing at the moment so looking at those is pure torture!


  2. great post, i love these kind of posts!


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