Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Summary

Looking a bit scruffy after uni, Max Factor- Fantasy Fire, Delicious mini burgers and potato wedges made by my lovely mum, One of the many glasses of Rose consumed this week, Eating Pete's Toffifees whilst he labours over his dissertation because I'm an awesome girlfriend, New conditioner, Very comfy new mattress so I no longer feel like I'm lying on springs, A pre-pub photo, Chilling in Pete's room this afternoon in my new favourite shirt.
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This Week- Has been a bit random, I went shopping with my mom on Wednesday and then to the pub where I got a little bit tipsy and I went to a different pub with Beth on Friday night for wine and a last gossip before she went back to university. I gave my blog a little spring tidy and I'm so happy with the way it is at the moment and I'm very grateful to all of you who are now following my little rambles, I'm hoping to do a give-away once I've reached 100 followers but that will definitely have to happen after I finish uni due to lack of time, but I've started jotting ideas down for possible prizes (they won't be anything too big as I'm a bit skint right now). I also received a parcel in the mail which I assumed was something I ordered off Ebay but I opened it up to discover a brand new bottle of Beyonce Pulse perfume, I'm assuming I must have entered a competition at some point possibly on either the Cosmopolitan or Glamour website but I honestly don't remember I checked all my e-mails and can't find any relating to winning anything and there was no note or anything in the parcel so I'm a little bit confused. I'm not really one for celebrity fragrances but I must say this one smells really nice and the bottle is very pretty and I was on the verge of needing a new day fragrance so this was a very pleasant surprise even if it has left me baffled.
Music- Black Sabbath- Iron Man, this just keeps playing on repeat in my head this week.
Mood- Content
Product of the week- Hair donut as I've had my hair in a bun literally everyday this week.
Eating- A bit healthier this week with fresh fruit and ryvita thins.
Drinking- Too much wine this week.
Looking forward to- The next few weekends are shaping up to be awesome, me and Pete will be house sitting at his dads next weekend, going to a 21st birthday party on the 19th and my friend Dan's having a house party the weekend after that to celebrate his 21st.
Highlight- Friday night was hilarious and I'm already missing Beth but it won't be too long before we're reunited.
Goal for next week- Do as much work as I possibly can.
Blog of the week- Tea an Toast 
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  1. Adore that nail colour :D
    and that bed looks major comfy :O


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