Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thursdays Bits of Joy

- I have finally got 5 empty pots to take to Lush so I shall be getting a free face mask this week, I'm thinking either     Oatifix or Cupcake.
- Lovely hot bubble baths when you're not feeling well.
- Anything from Hotel Chocolat.
- Drawing when it turns out really well
- Cheesy chick flick classics like Clueless
- Reminiscing about growing up in the 90s: The Spice Girls, Jelly shoes, When everything was neon coloured blow up and plastic like blow up chairs and backpacks, carpet sweeper jeans, hideous clip in pony tails with random bits of glitter and tiny braids, Goosebumps and the amazing glittery silver platform trainers I lived in.
- Seeing a friend you've really missed and feeling like they haven't been away.
- Mini or travel sized version of anything.
- New pjamas or a new duvet.
- The Cors light Jean Claude Van Damme adverts.
- Really crappy monster/horror movies like the spectacular Pirhana 3d and the sequel out later this year.
- These films: TedNeighbourhood Watch (pretty much just for Richard Ayoade) and Dark Shadows (yes it's the ever so predictable teaming up of one of films oldest bromance's but it looks kinda awesome, plus Chloe Moretz is pretty aweome)

What's making you smile this week?

: ]


  1. I never knew you could do that at Lush :O

    1. Yep they give you a full size pot of your choice, I got the cupcake one today it smells seriously good : ]

  2. Love the 90s reference's here .How I miss that ,I used want a whole blow up room ,because I heard the popstar Kavana had one ..

    I think a nostalgic blog is on the way :) x

    1. I had an orange blow up chair it was awesome, until it got a puncture lol
      : ]


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