Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Review: Mua Extreme Curl Mascara

My lashes before:

After one coat:

After a second coat:

So I picked up this mascara a couple of weeks ago as I was running out of my trusty Bourjois Liner Effect  mascara and this was only £2.
Obviously I wasn't expecting it to be spectacular but I was only after an everyday mascara to get by with until I replace my Bourjois one. Packaging wise it's pleasant enough it was a tad difficult to photograph with it being so shiny but it's  just a plain tube with the name on, the actual wand is a decent size with a curved brush that fits really well to the shape of my lashes and actually managed to reach all my lashes at once, it was bit more fiddly on my lower lashes.
 I won't lie upon opening it I was rather taken aback by the odd clinical smell it gave off which wasn't very pleasant but it seemed to fade rather quickly and I didn't notice the smell whilst I was wearing it so it may just be the tube.
It's obviously not the greatest mascara in the world but I was really quite impressed at just how well it defined my lashes with just one coat, it did get a little clumpy on the second coat but I usually use the brush from my Bourjois mascara to separate the lashes whilst the second coat is still wet ( I didn't do this for the review) so this isn't really an issue. I can't say it did all that much on the curling front but my lashes are naturally quite curled so I'm not sure how it may work on straighter lashes.
Overall for £2 you can't really go wrong and like most of MUA's products it is surprisingly good for the incredibly cheap price.


  1. Im hearing more and more about MUA lately! I need to check them out :D

    1. They're £1 lipsticks and blushers are amazing for the price
      : ]

  2. nice review :)
    I'm your new follower, mind to follow back? thank you :)


  3. Your lashes look great! And what a bargain too :D


  4. Look pretty damn good to me! Might have to give it a go


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