Thursday, 17 May 2012

Review- Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

 Cupcake Face Mask- £6.50

When I walk into Lush's heavenly scented shops I'm instantly drawn to the lovely selection of bath bombs and bubbles bars and never really give the masks more than a glance. I've tried the Mask Of Magnaminty and although I liked it, it's not something I'd buy again but when I finished 5 pots (shower jelly's and cleansers) I was really excited at the chance to try their fresh masks for free. My best friend tried their Oatifix mask and absolutely loved it so I was pretty resolved on getting that until the ever helpful Lush ladies said this would suit my skin type better and the idea of covering my face in chocolate was too much to resist.
The smell is quite chocolatey but there's a hint of mint which tones down the chocolate and makes it  quite fresh and as you have to keep it in the fridge it's lovely and refreshing on your skin, especially if you use it after a nice hot bath. The application of this was a lot easier than Mask Of Magnaminty as the texture is relatively smooth and it also washed off a lot easier which I was extremely pleased about.
It left my skin feeling incredibly soft due to the cocoa butter and my skin looked really clean and refreshed afterwards, it didn't leave much of scent on my skin but to me this is a positive as I wouldn't like the chocolate smell to linger as nice as it is when you have the mask on.
The pots are relatively small for the price but as they are so fresh it's not really a good idea to have them hanging around too long anyway, especially the ones with fresh fruit or vegetables in as they can go off. Overall I honestly love this mask and you can feel the difference in your skin after use but once this pot has run out I won't be running to buy another like I do with my Lush cleanser, partly because I have a Soap & Glory mask that I'm yet to try but mostly for the price and short shelf life, I'll probably buy this again as a treat but it's not going to be entering my regular routine. 

I got this free when I returned 5 clean empty pots to Lush.

Which is your favourite Lush mask?

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  1. I have this too and absolutely love it :) x

  2. Hi lovely, just came across your blog and it's really great! :)

    Now following!

    Looking forward to your next post!


  3. I have never tried any of the lush face masks either! But i have 4 empties saved up so eventually i'll get round to it :) I might have to try this one. Sounds like it smells lovely!

    1. I'd highly recommend it or oatifix which smells equally as amazing
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  4. Good for you getting it free :) looks yummy, almost good to eat :) I love their almond mask and the mask of mahogony! x Marina

  5. Sounds great, I also like the idea of taking back pots :)

  6. I love Lush too and am an avid face mask user. Love lettuce is great as well in the summertime. I just found a great website specifically for facial masks, check it out.


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