Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Summary

Pete brought me a kinder egg to cheer me up when I was grumpy, Pull back car from said kinder egg, Last two big drawings for this project, Scones and biscuits on a rainy afternoon, A little treat from my mom cookies and cream and ocean mini bath bombs, Feeding my Burton obsession, very yummy vegetables, Rainbow cookies and drawing.
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Where I've been- This week has seemed to last a long time, I went to uni for my last ever tutorial on Monday, spent the entirety of Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday getting as much work done as possible and I can happily say all my finals are done and my little sketchbook is full so I can spend this week filling the bigger sketchbook. I went out with my mom on Thursday to see Dark Shadows which I really liked and we inadvertently ended up shopping too so expect a post of my purchases next Saturday. Last night we went to Go Kids Go for a friends girlfriends 21st and then up town where we met some lovely people and a number of fish-bowls were consumed, me and Pete got home sensibly at 2 and ate a subway in my pjs. 
Music- Hole
Mood- Stressed
Movie- Dark Shadows and Hall Pass which was pretty crappy.
Eating- I've been snacking way too much this week on junk food.
Wishing- I could stop stressing so much and sleep better.
Looking forward to- Next Saturday, I have resolved to get all my work done and ready to hand in as my friend is having an all day house party and has brought an insane amount of booze including all the necessary ingredients for his signature green cocktails which I love and it seems like the perfect way to celebrate the end of this project.
Goal for next week- Finish. All. Work. 
Thought of the week- Some people are the very definition of fair weather friend and quite frankly I'm not interested.
Blog of the week- Frances Cassandra

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  1. Kinder eggs are the best! I agree Hall Pass was crap x


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