Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Review- Maybelline Colour sensations Popstick

Maybelline Colour Sensations Popstick- Pink Lollipop £7.19 Superdrug

I'll admit a large reason for me purchasing this was it's resemblance to my beloved Topshop Magical Lip Tint and I'm really glad I brought it as it's become a regular fixture of my everyday makeup.
The packaging is a little bland but the prettiness of the lipstick inside more than makes up for this, it's a bright translucent pink with a slight shimmer to it, as far as I'm aware they currently offer 5 different shades including a red shade called Cherry Pop which I'm very tempted by.
There have been a lot of negative reviews on this product which kind of surprised me as I'm currently loving it but a lot of the negative comments seem to be based around the amount of colour this gives off. It is a tint so if you're looking for the high impact colour of a lipstick then this is definitely not for you but I generally prefer just a hint of colour especially for my day to day make-up and I've found it gives a lovely pink sheen to my lips that is a slightly darker and longer lasting shade than my Topshop Lip Tint.
It has quite a sweet fruity scent and a balmy glossy finish that leaves my lips really soft throughout the day, my only issue with this product is the price at £7.19 it is quite steep for what is essentially a tinted lip balm I think it should be at most about £5.
Overall I do really love this but I will only repurchase it if it happens to be on offer as it's not really worth the price, I would much rather spend over £7 on a new Lip Butter.

Have you tried the Popsticks?
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  1. Oh man, I got the Citrus Slice version and it doesnt seem to "work" at all lol
    It doesnt add any tint so I though maybe it was just a balm and then I find it quite drying haha

    Glad yours is much better though!
    Stay away from the Citrus Slice though (even if it does smell amazing!)

  2. I saw these in boots the other day,I wish I picked one up now,they look great! :)x


  3. This looks really cool, I've seen this but I'm not really much of a sparkle person and it looks so shimmery in the bullet, it doesn't actually look that shimmery when on your lips so I might check it out :) x

  4. This looks AMAZING in the bullet but I think is a little overpriced! :/ X


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