Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday Summary

Delicious home made cupcakes, Hangover cure, Got sucked in to the hype and went to sooooo many shops to get "That Gal" as well as a couple of Porefessional, Upcoming NOTD, My amazing culinary skills, Me and Pete have played way too many board games this weekend, My silly hungover face, Monopoly which more often than not results in rage, Cider.

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Where I've been- As I've now finished all my uni work I had quite a relaxing week involving a lot of Pete time which was lovely, we went to Brum on Friday to start prepping for the graduate exhibition and I now have two huge boards all painted and waiting for me to hang my work on this week. We've played way too much Tekken, which I mostly won due to my epic button mashing skills and have spent all today playing Monopoly with my parents. I've also started a brand new sketch book which always makes me stupidly happy and I plan on filling it with sketches of your pretty outfit pics and other photos, if you feel like volunteering your pics read this post- here
Music- System Of A Down
Mood- Happy
Movie- I have watched no movies this week but I have watched a ridiculous amount of  2 Broke Girls.
Eating- We went to an all you can eat Chinese restaurant on Friday night to celebrate someone's birthday and I ate a ridiculous amount of Sesame Prawn Toast, Won tons and Chicken Yuk Sung, me and Pete also shared two bottles of white wine which seemed quite reserved compared to the 4 bottles his dad and Fiancée got through.  
Wishing- There were more hours in the day.
Looking forward to- Seeing all my work all mounted and hung ready for the show and a sneaky shopping trip with my mom on Friday.
Goal for next week- Mount work, hang work, draw lots and order plain tote bags.
Thought of the week- It's the little things that mean the most.

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