Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Summary

I've been obsessed with Kitty Kitty Kittens since I was 3 and have been looking for the colourful ones for ages so I was delighted when my mom found a mint one in a charity shop, Latest illustration, Moms delicious homemade pizzas, One of my boards at the graduate show, Chicken Tikka on Wheat, Krispy Kreme Glazing, Planning lots of blog posts for the rest of June, Fluffy Egg that was a little past its best, Night routine at Pete's, Reading Cosmo in my pjs, Favourite glass, Twilight Ballistic.

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Where I've been- I enjoyed a quite bank holiday with Pete and my family including a trip to the cinema, I've also been back and forth to Birmingham a lot this week getting everything sorted for the show which opens on Monday. It's been a pretty quite relaxed week and I took a little shopping trip with my mom and stayed at Pete's a lot.
Music- The Hives.
Mood- Relaxed. 
Product Of The Week- Lush Big shampoo I love this so much and will be posting a review of it soon.
Movie- We saw Men In Black III on Tuesday and it was really good I'll definitely be buying it on DVD, all the way through I was trying to figure out who played Boris The Animal as his voice was really familiar and to my delight it turned out to be Jermaine from Flight Of The Concords which made the film even more brilliant.
Eating- Too much junk as I've been out a lot of the week but I will eat better this week.
Wishing- Uni could have been a little bit more organised in setting up the show as it was a bit of a mess and some tutors saw fit to remove a lot of my friends work after she spent most of the day putting it up and they failed to tell her anything about it meaning she has had no choice in which pieces of work are in the exhibition or how they are arranged which seems pretty crappy.
Looking forward to- Wednesday my parents are coming to the private view of the exhibition and we're going out for dinner before to celebrate the end of uni and the uni has brought a large amount of booze for the event.
Goal for next week- Draw and print some tote bags and begin setting up my shop.
Blog of the week- Describing Beauty

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  1. That doughnut looks absolutely delicious! And so do the pizzas, I've followed you on instagram :) x

  2. I remember Kitty Kitty Kittens! It seems like they are worth quite a lot now. The mint one is really cute!

  3. OMG, another great Sunday recap post;-) I love them, Sammy, - so colorful!


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