Thursday, 14 June 2012

Thursdays Little Bits Of Joy

-New illustrations and a new sketchbooks.
- Finishing university and seeing my final pieces hanging on a wall at the graduate show, it was a pretty great feeling.
-Having Tekken marathons with Pete especially if I win.
- Swapping nights out at the pub for nights in with Monopoly and crap TV to save my pennies and because Pete and I are an old married couple on the inside and you know what I'm ok with that.
- Finding new shows to fill the gaps left by Made In Chelsea, Desperate Housewives, New Girl and Glee:
2 broke girls- It's really quite awful, they make a joke in pretty much every sentence and the hideous canned laughter that follows each sentence drives me mad but I adore Kat Dennings and wish to make her my wife.
Don't trust the bitch in apartment 23- Again this is trash tv but I have become a little obsessed with it and I adore Krysten Ritter and her character Chloe.
Awkward- It reminds me of My So Called Life which probably explains my obsession with it, the unpopular nice girl falls for the shallow guy who just wants to make out with her and not have anyone find out, she has some kooky equally unpopular best friends. The main difference being that the "heart throb" isn't quite as emotionally inept as Jordan but also is nowhere near as hot as the young Jared Leto. I've just finished watching the first series just in time for the second series to start at the end of this month.
Pretty Little Liars- The new series has just begun and I have really missed it a lot although I was sad to see Hannah has cut her amazing long hair.
-Remembering how weird but awesome toys were in the 90's, rubber aliens in eggs that gave birth, Betty Spaghetti, Cabbage Patch Kids, Tamagotchi's, Polly Pocket when you could feasably fit her and her house in your pocket before they completely changed them, Smooshees (google them, they were bizarre), Popples (even more bizarre) and my favourite thing from the 90s Kitty Kitty Kittens.

Whats making you smile this week?
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  1. it looks sooo pretty! you did an amazing job :D



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