Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Emotional Brilliance- Motivation and Fantasy Review

I promised myself before going to the Emotional Brilliance event that I would only buy one thing from the new range as it is a little expensive at £14.50 each and I intended to buy a liquid lipstick but I absolutely fell in love with their liner range. I'm very picky when it comes to eye liner and have been sticking religiously with gel liners for the past few years so I really didn't expect to like the liquid liners at all but the colours are really beautiful and I decided to try them out properly whilst I was at the event and applied them over my usual black. I was very pleasantly surprised at how bright and opaque they were over the black and knew I had to buy at least one, I ended up with two the beautiful metallic teal Motivation which I picked on their Emotional Brilliance wheel and the shimmery gold Fantasy. 
Application wise the brush is very thin so can be quite tricky to control but it does allow you to create very thin lines and flicks which is ideal for me, they also dry very quickly so there is very little smudging if any at all which I love. I applied the colours in the morning and they remained on my eyes until I took my make-up off at night (about 9pm), the colours were just as bright and opaque as when I applied them with just a slight colour transfer of the teal along the crease of the lid. 
The glass bottles themselves are fantastic and they are pretty big compared to most other liners and as I don't plan on wearing them every day I feel a bit less guilty about spending nearly £30 on a couple of eye liners.
Overall I cannot express how much I love these two liners especially when worn together, they have fantastic durability and the colours are so bright and pretty I would love to buy more of the liner range but I will only be buying stand out colours as the £14.50 price tag is pretty steep, I definitely wouldn't be willing to pay that much for basic everyday colours like black. 
My one and only negative thought about these liners is that if you happen to have been rubbing your eyes just before applying them (which I do pretty much every morning) they sting like a bitch especially the gold one. I suppose common sense should tell me that it's not wise to apply any kind of liquid liner to your eyes when they're feeling irritated or you've been rubbing them and I'm yet to find a liquid liner that hasn't at some point made my eyelids sore so I'm willing to let this point slide.

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  1. It does seem pretty expensive make-up but those eyeliners do look really nice! I love the teal colour especially! x

  2. These look really cool :) x

  3. that eye liner is gorgeous!

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