Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Summary

New obsession, Using inks this week as it's been way too long since I used them, Koppaberg Naked Apple is perhaps my new fave cider, Picking nail colours from my collection, messy dip dye nails for a tutorial I'll be posting soon, Woke up to a very grey sky and epic storm, Cheeky Mcdonalds, Best ice creams ever, Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb, Product of the week, Off to the pub, One of six large glasses of wine, Cone of chips to combat hangover, I've been full of hayfever all day.
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Music- Metric- Synthetica

Movies- Get Him To The Greek, Black Swan and Old School.
Product Of The Week- I brought the Soap & Glory Deep Pore Detox Mask a good few months ago and have only just tried it, I used it twice this week and as I've never used a self heating mask before I was a bit worried about exactly how hot it would get but it was really pleasant and my skin looked absolutely great afterwards and felt incredibly soft. If anyone wants me to write a full review on this just ask.
Eating- Horribly unhealthy as well as the junk pictured I also got a dominos and had drunken pub food : /
Looking forward to- Me and Pete aren't going to have a holiday this year but as we're going to Glastonbury next weekend for a couple of nights for Sophie's wedding we thought we'd make this week our "holiday at home", we're planning on doing lots of cheapish things including- going to the cinema (orange wednesdays), going to Eds diner in Selfridges as we joined their mailing list and got an introductory offer of a free burger each when we buy fries and a milkshake and using our free return ticket to the safari park.
Goal for next week-Relax, have a nice week and then get into uber job hunt mode after we get back from Glastonbury.
Blog of the week- Tattooed Tealady
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  1. Call me a stalker, but i love reading other bloggers week summaries! Great photos! I am now craving a paddle-pop!


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