Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Summary

All packed for Glastonbury, A very rainy M5 that was kind of scary, Eating macaroons at the wedding reception and chilling with a plastic monkey, Beautiful art in Glastonbury, Tea Pigs English Breakfast Tea, huge bruschetta which was delicious, A very old and very pretty pub called the George & Pilgrim, Stopped by Weston Super-Mare to see the new(ish) pier which had a two floor arcade pretty much my idea of heaven, Obligatory fish and chips by the sea, The seaside made my hair super ginger, My lovely Pete, Best ice cream I've ever had, New ring from Unit 7 in Glastonbury, Taking a break from Koppaberg to try this.  
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Where I've Been: I got back from our little trip on Monday night and since then I've pretty much just been on the job hunt. I've spent the weekend house/dog sitting with Pete at his dads, we both have horrible colds so there has been much moping and dvd watching but it's nice to have a little weekend in and it does mean I haven't spent any money which is always good. I also got to see my lovely best friend after much too long an absence we spent a rather drunk evening in the pub catching up and gossiping.
Watching- Last night we watched Burke and Hare which was quite good but not as funny as I thought it'd be, we also watched Everything Must Go which I really loved, it was nice to see Will Ferrel do something different from his usual Anchorman type roles. Tonight we'll either be watching American Pyscho, The Univited, Paul or This is England. 
Product Of The Week- Sanctuary Mini Pore Refining Toner, I've used this a lot this week as I haven't been home that much and it's fantastic, it leaves my skin really soft and has now taken up permanent residence in my toiletry bag at Pete's.
Looking forward to- I'm planning on finally getting round to making stuff for my upcoming Etsy shop which is quite exciting, I'll be spending a more sober day/evening with my bestie before she goes off on her holidays and I have some really exciting plans for Friday night which I'll hopefully be posting about on Saturday so stay tuned for that. 

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  1. I love your blog! Please take a look at

  2. aaah, jealousy! Have so much fun at Glastonbury :) xxxx


  3. lovely pictures girl! where did you get the striped blazer from? I'm desperately looking for 1!

  4. 've never actually tried macaroons, that one looks super yummy though x

    1. Oh and you have my button on your blog and I've recently had some design work done and now have a new button, I would appreciate it if you could change it to the new one please. Sorry for being a pest! x

  5. Adorable photos m'dear, love your stripey blazer. Hope you had fun at Glasto! x

  6. Looks like you've been to some gorgeous places, love that skull building art! Hope you've had a great week :D xx

  7. Cute photos!


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