Friday, 31 August 2012

Feature Friday: August Empties

This month I have used up:

Radox Muscle Soak Bubble Bath
I buy too many bottles of Radox I think I've inherited my nan's Radox addiction, anyway this is one of favourites the smell is very relaxing and it creates a huge amount of bubbles, what more could you ask for in a bubble bath.
Would I buy again: Yes I've already replaced it.

Garnier Firming Body Tonic
I've had this for ages and have been trying really hard to use it up which as you can see I have done, it leaves my skin feeling noticeably firmer but the smell is very strong and unfortunately not to my liking it's quite citrus like and zesty but also verges on the side of bathroom cleaner in my opinion. It also takes quite a while to soak in and sits on the skin for a while afterwards leaving a tacky coating for a good few hours.
Would I buy again: No as I find Jergens to be better.

Soap & Glory Face Soap
I did a little review of this here and my thoughts are pretty much the same now, it smells great and leaves my face feeling really refreshed.
Would I buy again: Yes, but probably not anytime soon as I can't justify it's price tag right now.

Soap & Glory Scrub Of Your Life
I used this up at Pete's and may have fallen in love with it, to me the formula is absolutely fantastic, the perfect mixture  between a scrub and a gel and it smells incredible, sweet and fruity.
Would I buy again: Yes without a doubt.

Lush Charity Pot
I've had this tiny pot for a ridiculous amount of time and somewhat forgot about it, I'd personally say this is more of autumn/winter product, the smell is warm and chocolatey thanks to the cocoa butter, it's quite a watery formula but it soaks in really quickly and the lovely scent lingers for ages.
Would I buy again: For £1 I'll definitely be purchasing this during the colder months as it's perfect for keeping in your handbag to save dry cold hands.

The Rectory Spa Body Cream (part of a gift set)
I don't really have much to say about this, it left my skin pretty soft and didn't have too strong a scent.
Would I buy again: As this was part of a gift set I won't be buying it again.

17 Photoflawless Primer
I did a little review of this here and it's safe to say I love it, it's the perfect everyday primer in my books.
Would I buy again: I repurchased this just before I ran out as I cannot bare to be without it.

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  1. I love Charity Pot, I had a sample size and I've been meaning to get around to buying a full size x

  2. I got the charity pot sample at Lush when buying other stuff and loved it. Definitely going to purchase it!
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  3. I love Charity Pot too! The primer sounds good x


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