Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday Summary

Chinese food at Pete's last Sunday, Updating my blog I added a shop page and a new header, A little impromptu hair dying session, The results of said session, Cup of tea in my favourite mug whilst in a bubble bath= bliss, upcoming NOTD, Playing Cluedo with Pete and my parents, Vimto which cost me all of 29p, Hobbycraft goodies, Sorting out my jewellery this is just the rings, Old favourite, New plastic drawers and tidy dressing table.

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Watching- We went to see Ted on Wednesday which was hilarious and made me fall even more in love with Mila Kunis. I stayed up to watch Batman And Robin a few nights ago, I adore it, it has everything I want in a film; Alicia Silverstone, Uma Thurman being a manipulative slut, A chemical filled Bane who is all about smashing through walls rather than talking with a bizarre accent (not that I don't love Tom Hardy as Bane but that voice was pretty grating) and best of all Arnold Schwartznegger painted blue and glittery wearing polar bear slippers.
Music- I currently have Paul Weller- Paperchase stuck in my head as Pete's had the album on in the car all week.
Looking forward to- The bestie is back from her holiday so we're currently making plans to catch up on tuesday and friday, I'm going shopping on Thursday with my mom and me and Pete are dog sitting over the weekend which I'm really looking forward to as I'm not seeing him at until then.
Goal For Next Week- Continue job hunting and make time for crafty things, I'm excited to try my new Scuplt Dry.

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  1. That chinese looks so yummy, I saw Ted too, it was funny but alot of the bits I had already seen on the ads! Your blog looks great, I really need to sit down when I get the time and freshen mine up!

  2. Your hair! Amazing!

  3. the food in the first pic looks yummy and I'm so hungry right now! I'm also obsessed with the pink hair!!! xx

  4. good posting about Sunday Summary


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