Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Favourite: Metallic/Shimmer Nail Varnishes

This is my second post featuring my favourite nail varnishes from my ever growing collection, this week I'm sharing my favourite metallics and shimmery polishes. Some of these I'll only wear alone but some I've been using as top coats to make plain polishes a bit more interesting.
Models Own- Purple Blue, as a huge Tim Burton fan I couldn't resist the Beetlejuice collection and all of the colours are so pretty, I initially wanted Aqua Violet but ended up buying this instead and it is super pretty and really different from the rest of the polishes in my collection. I've used this here.
Models Own- Indian Ocean, to be honest I never actually set out to buy this but I got it whilst there was a 2 for £8 offer  along with the Purple Blue above and I've actually used this one more. I haven't tried using it on its own yet but I use it a lot over other colours and it always looks fantastic, I'm wearing it right now as you may have seen on yesterdays NOTD post and I also wore it in this post.

Barry M- Silvery Lilac, this is very similar to Topshop's Hypnotic which I lusted after for ages, I've mostly worn it with glittery polishes over the top but it looks gorgeous on it's own too, in photo's it tends to just look silver but on your nails it has lovely hints of blue and purple. I used this here.

Miss Guided- I got this free with a magazine and it wasn't the shade I was after but I actually ended up really liking it, in it's box it just looked like a bright yellow but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually really shimmery and pretty, I haven't used it yet and it's not a colour I'm likely to use in Autumn or Winter but I think it'll look great in Spring and Summer.

Max Factor- Fantasy Fire, this nail varnish was really hyped about and I think the hype was fully justified as it is an absolutely beautiful colour, unfortunately it is very sheer so I tend to wear it over other colours, to achieve the beautiful colour it appears in the bottle I just apply a couple of coats over a plain purple polish. I have used this polish in this post.

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