Saturday, 22 September 2012

Feature Friday: Products Of The Month

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Conditioner
I bought this a little while ago when it was on offer for just £2.50 and I'm really glad I did as it's fantastic value for money. First off the bottle is huge so it should last me a good while and it smells gorgeous, I was drawn to this conditioner as its from the same line as the split end protection cream which I wrote about here. I just had my hair cut and truth be told my ends were pretty straggly as it's been a year since my last cut so I'm on a mission to get it back in good condition as I want to grow it quite long so I think I found this conditioner at the perfect time.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Despite being a lush addict this is the first ever bottled shower gel from lush I have tried and I will definitely be stocking up when it's back instore near Christmas. Firstly it has the same scent as thier Bubblegum Lip Scrub which is a big hit in the blogging community and I absolutely love it, it's very sweet but not too overpowering. It does foam well but is more creamy than anything and leaves my skin feeling very soft. My one small complaint with this is that the bottle is very hard which makes it very hard to squeeze the product out and can be quite frustrating but it's not too much of negative as I've just taken to removing the whole cap in order to get the product out.

Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadows
As you can see the pale beige has been used a hell of a lot and I'm completely in love with it. It's so subtle meaning it's perfect as an everyday pick me up, I have very pale skin in general but the skin on my eyelids is even more pale and can look a little bluey purple on occasion. This instantly brightens my lids whilst remaining really subtle as well as giving a nice touch of shimmer. The purple is a fairly recent addition to my make up kit but so far I've been equally as impressed, it's fairly pale so I've mostly used it along the crease to add a touch of definition around my eyes, I would imagine it would have much better colour pay off if you were to apply it with a wet brush which is something I will definitely be trying soon. You can see me wearing both of these shadows here.

Lush Emotional Brilliance Eye Liner in Motivation
I've used my other Lush Liner Fantasy quite a lot but this month I've been loving Motivation. It's such a pretty colour  somedays I like to wear this just on the lower lash line with black liner on the top and the colour really stands out. They're a little bit pricey but you get twice as much product as you would in a normal liner and as I don't use them everyday I consider them to be great value for money. You can see me wearing this liner here.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm in Romance
I will be doing a proper review of this so I won't say too much now but so far I've found them to be pretty durable and long lasting and very moisturizing also I love the minty tingle you get as you apply them and I can see myself buying other shades.

What products have you been loving this month?

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  1. I always miss out on snow fairy! It sells so fast, I am determined to get some this year haha

  2. Love Snow fairy, can't wait for it to become available again x

  3. I really want to try snow fairy. Everyone always says about how amazing it is!

    Click here to to find out what the Buzz is all about!

    Sarah xoxo

  4. Love your blog, do you want we follow each other??:)


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