Friday, 28 September 2012

Feature Friday: September Empties

It looks like I've used up quite a bit this month but a lot of them are mini's, so here are my empties and mini reviews:

Charles Worthington Salt Spray-
I've finally used this up and I must say I've been impressed with how long it's lasted considering I've used it pretty much every time I've washed my hair, I did a proper review of this in my July/August Favourites post which you can read here.
Would I buy again: I did quite like this but I don't honestly think I'll be buying it again down to the fact that I don't like the smell and I've found a salt spray that smells better and makes my hair a bit more wavy

John Frieda Radiant Red Shampoo-
This smells really nice and has lasted ages, I haven't really noticed it enhancing the red colour of my hair but it's a decent enough shampoo and leaves my hair pretty shiny.
Would I buy again: I would probably buy this again as it does smell really nice but it's not something I'm rushing out to replace.

Radox Stress Relief-
I love Radox. That is all.
Would I buy again: Yep

Lush Karma Bubble Bar-
I adore this bubble bar and the entire Karma range, I get about 4 or five baths out of a bar so I think they're pretty reasonably priced and the scent is super strong and lingers well on the skin.
Would I buy again: Yes absolutely I'm currently restraining myself from going on a Lush splurge after yesterdays Models Own splurge but I have bought some many of these bubble bars and will continue to do so, I also really want to buy the Karma soap.#

Benefit Refined Polish Face Scrub-
I did a review of the B.right Intro Kit that this came in which you can read here my opinion is pretty much the same although I have found the packaging of the minis can make it a little difficult to get out all of the product and have cut open the bottle since taking the picture above and got about two more uses out of what was left.
Would I buy again: I would buy the mini set again but I can't see myself buying the full size Refined Polish on it's own, there's nothing wrong with it and I do think it's a good scrub but it hasn't really wowed me enough to justify paying £17.50 for it.

Sanctuary Mini Pore Refining Toner-
This I absolutely love and I managed to get a lot of uses out of the tiny bottle (30ml) so I imagine a full size (150ml) would last months and it's quite reasonably priced at £8.99. Lush's Tea Tree toner is still my absolute favourite toner but I think this would be a great toner to alternate with it.
Would I buy again: I would definitely consider buying a full size one as a treat and I will definitely buy the mini again as it great to take on trips. 

Umberto Giannini Incredible Body Mini Shampoo & Mini Conditioner-
I bought these back in June when I went to Glastonbury for a wedding and they had been left abandoned in my draws for months but as we've been house sitting for the past two weeks I've had the chance to use them up and they're pretty decent. I think the shampoo is a bit better than the condioner but I haven't really noticed them adding much noticeable volume but they've left my hair and pleasant smelling.
Would I buy again: Full sizes are £5.29 and they haven't impressed me enough to consider purchasing when I could buy the Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day shampoo and conditoner for the same price.

Montagne Jeunesse Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips-
I'd never tried these before, they come in a pack of three and I still have one left, the smell is very strong and I can't say I'm too keen on it but you get used to it. I Have quite large pores especially on my nose so these are pretty much ideal for me and I quite enjoy using them, I do feel that they leave my nose feeling soft and deeply cleansed.
Would I buy again: I think these were about £1.50 which I think is a bargain and I will definitely be repurchasing.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter-
I still have about a quarter of a pot left from the full sized pot and am still loving it I use it mostly on my hands and arms as I get little rough patches on the top of my arms and this has really made a difference in helping them disappear. I've done a review of this here.
Would I buy again: In all honesty I'm glad that I'm almost out of this as I'm getting a bit tired of the Strawberry scent, it's definitely more of a summer scent to me but I already have my next body butter lined up which is much more autumn appropriate.

Soap & Glory Scrub 'Em And Leave 'Em-
I really really like this and I love Soap & Glory's mini scrubs as they're perfect for keeping at Pete's, I've written about this scrub here.
Would I buy again: I would buy this again and it is in fact my second tub but I think I prefer Scrub Of Your Life which smells pretty similar but has a slightly better consistency in my opinion.

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