Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Summary

I have this picture right above my bed and it's making me miss Tenby so much, Me and mom did a little Soap & Glory swap I gave her The Daily Youth Moisturisers and she gave me the Fab Pore Mask, I drank my own tea then stole Pete's too, We made Chicken Enchiladas, Enjoying my amazingly fleecy Primark PJ's, Apple Sourz and Diet Bitter Lemon so good, What I wore to a job interview this week I also wore a blazer and felt a bit silly, A post interview treat, I had to get photographic evidence of the first time my dad has cooked in about 10 years.

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Where I've Been- Pete and I have been staying at his dads most of this week cooking and watching tv, we went shopping so I could get some plain black trousers for my interview as usual I ended making a few less necessary purchases and am feeling a little guilty. This weekend has been a little odd, I went to a funeral on Friday morning and then a party in the evening, I was very sensible and only got a little tipsy. I had my interview yesterday, it lasted for about 3 hours and I was very nervous but it went better than I thought it would and I'll hear back within 10 days so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. Today Pete is having his first day at his new job which makes me a pretty proud girlfriend, it's only a weekend job but it's a start, we'll be staying at his dad's for the next few days and we're having enchiladas again tonight followed by Krispy Kreme's and a DVD.
Watching- I finally saw American Reunion and I loved it, it wasn't as funny as the first two but the storyline was nice and it worked well. 
Product Of The Week- I've been living off Beechams this week trying to shift a horrible cold before my interviews.
Looking forward to- I have another interview on Tuesday for a job I really want. I'm hopefully going to go for drinks with Beth and I'm going to a wedding on Friday.

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  1. Ooh good news on the job front for you both! I am craving Krispy Kremes so much, I can't get them here! I actually want to see American Reunion!

  2. I dont think I follow you in IG actually, I shall change that! :D


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