Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Summary

I've been drinking a lot of Apple Sourz and Lemonades this week, Chocolate Cheerios in my huge mug, Pete and I finally went for our first picnic, I got some lovely samples in the post this week which I can't wait to try, I had a Pete free Friday night so I drank copious amounts of tea with scones whilst planning blog posts and working my way through a stack of magazines, I've been wearing my Topshop head band way too much recently, My mom bought me this super pretty ring from a car boot for 50p because she knows how much I love turquoise. 

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Where I've Been- Me and Pete finally went on a picnic, we always say we'll go for one in the summer but it's taken four years for us to actually go which is kind of silly as I live really close to big beautiful park. So we popped to Sainsbury's and bought some yummy snacks including five jam donuts that were just 50p and we had a very sunny picnic followed by a big walk round the lake and woods. I also went out on Friday with my mom, I printed off a load of CV's and headed up town to try and give out as many as possible, most places said they recruit online but a few places were taking in CV's so fingers crossed I might hear back from a few over the next few weeks. We also went for lunch and had a few well needed glasses of wine to give me a bit of the old Dutch courage and we did a bit of guilty shopping so I shall be posting my purchases next Saturday.
Watching- I haven't really watched any films this week which is extremely unusual for me but I did watch most of Youth In Revolt which is an ok film if you like Micheal Cera.
Product Of The Week- I've been wearing my Topshop Crystal Lip Tint a lot recently and I will be devastated when it runs out as it's no longer available. It's such a pretty pink colour, I'm not normally a fan of pink lipsticks but this isn't too in your face and it's really moisturising.
Looking forward to- I have lots of blog posts planned for the next few weeks and I'm really looking forward to writing them, to be honest as I've felt a bit lack lustre recently with my blog but I'm feeling a lot more positive about it right now. I'm also hoping to spend a nice evening with my bestie catching up and drinking wine as I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks. 
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  1. I love sourz and lemonade too

    P.s. loving your cute mug and your ring

  2. love the photos but i love your ring and coffee mug the most. Great post,
    Xaimarys ♡


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