Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lush Halloween & Christmas Splurge

This is the biggest Lush splurge I've done for ages, it's safe to say I was fairly excited when the Halloween and Christmas products hit stores last week and I spent a good while in the shop sniffing and admiring the pretty seasonal products. However I was a little disappointed that there was no sight of the Jacko Bath Ballistic or the Party Popper Bath Ballistic, anyone know if they're online exclusives or something?

Ponche Shower Gel- £4.25
I went in to the shop set on getting a bottle of Snow Fairy but then I smelt this and could not put it down, it is so refreshing with orange juice, plum and a shot of tequila, I'm so looking forward to trying this.

Let The Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser- £5.95
I'm nearly out of my beloved Ocean Salt and thought I'd give this a go as I feel that as the temperature drops Ocean Salt may be a little bit too drying on my skin and I've heard that this is a much more gentle cleanser whilst still exfoliating the skin. Also the smell is phenomenal I seriously want to eat it.

Calacas Shower Jelly- £3.25
I saw this last year and never got round to buying a pot so I was determined not to miss it this year, I've tried the Whoosh Shower jelly before and really liked it so I have high hopes for this and the smell is lovely and zesty.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar- £2.45
This is the only Bubble Bar I decided to buy from this years range and I'm so glad it's back this year, although I preferred last years pink and white design to the green. 

Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub- £2.95
I loved last years Australian Igloo Sugar Scrub and so I was a little sad it hasn't returned this year but I hope this will be pretty similar.

The Enchanter Bath Ballistic- £3.20
I believe this is a Halloween Bath Ballistic and I'll definitely be buying another one before they disappear, it smells very citrus like and fresh.

So White Bath Ballistic- £3.20
I wasn't too fussed by this last year as it was a bit dull but this year it's returned bigger and smells a lot stronger (like apples) and the inside is pink.

Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic- £3.25
I loved this last year and had to buy it again this year, the scent is quite different from all the other ballistics and it is huge I got at least two baths out of each bomb and it's full of pretty little stars that float around the water.

I will be reviewing some of these products but if you want a specific review of anything just ask.

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  1. I cant wait to have my Lush spree soon! I used your blog as a guide for some decisions ;) hehe

  2. ltgtr is my new favourite cleanser- i'm obsessed! the enchanter i had the other night and i loooooove it (despite the fact it stained my bath yellow!) but the colours that come out are amazing! xx

    1. I haven't tried the cleanser yet but I can't wait to as smells fab and I love the Enchanter I want to buy a couple more
      : ]

  3. I brought the Calacas Shower Jelly last year and loved it :)
    this year I want to try Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic as been wanting
    it since I saw it last yr

    1. I havem't tried it yet but it smells delicious and Golden Wonder is so pretty
      : ]

  4. Party popper isnt an online exclusive, jacko is. It takes 10 days to make party popper and loads come broken, meaning there isnt many to sell (well thats what happens in mt store!). But it is beautiful so if you can try it! x

  5. Thank you I'll have to keep my eye out for party popper but there wasn't a section for it in my local lush so I was confused
    : ]


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