Monday, 15 October 2012

My Latest Models Own Nail Varnishes

 As you can I took good advantage of the recent half price sale on the Models Own Website, I've already posted about which colours I picked but I thought I'd share pictures of the colours as they are super pretty. I also picked up a shade from the new Wonderland collection this week as the shades are absolutely gorgeous.
First up I bought another nail art pen, I've tried a few different brands of nail art pens and the Models Own ones are definitely my favourite and they last a lot longer than their small size would suggest, I went for blue as I already have black and white ones and I didn't fancy the pink.

 Golden Green-This is the only shade I've actually tried out so far and it is so pretty, you can see this shade in my last NOTD here.
 Aqua Violet- I've wanted this colour for ages it's such a gorgeous shade of blue.
 Purple Pearl- This is a lot darker than it looks in the picture and shines a lovely metallic purple when the light hits it.
 Top Turquoise- Of course I couldn't resist this beautiful turquoise, I've been looking for the perfect turquoise shade of nail varnish for ages and this is definitely the one.
 Purple Haze- I wasn't going to get another glitter polish in the sale, until I saw this purple and I don't actually have a purple glitter in my collection so I pretty much had to. 
Snow Flake- I really wanted to get a shade from the Mirrorball collection but I've gone off the shades a bit and the only colour I really want now is Freak Out which was sold out in Boots but I was really excited to see they had the new Wonderland collection in and I just had to get this beautiful glitter. I've heard that you have to apply a lot of layers to get a good coating of glitter but that doesn't bother me too much as it's so gorgeous.

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  1. I love the Snow Flake one! I've been stalking all the models own nail polishes recently and I really want the Jack Frost one in the Wonderland collection too. I went into Boots at the weekend to get it and was gutted that they didn't have it :( xx

    1. I want Jack frost too it looks lovely
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