Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Product Review: Lush So White Bath Ballistic

 So White- £3.20
As I mentioned in my Lush Christmas Splurge post I wasn't too fussed by this last year as it was one of the more dull products in the Christmas range but this year it's returned bigger and with a much stronger scent. As you may have guessed by the name the scent of this ballistic is mainly apple so it's very fresh and quite sweet and the smell lingers quite well (lasts years seemed to disappear once dissolved).

 I normally like to get two uses of the bigger bombs like this, partially because I want to make the most of the lovely smells and partially because £3.20 is little much for a single bath in my books, but I ended up using the whole thing because to be honest half the bomb didn't do a whole lot. After reading on the Lush site that this had been reinvented to include a pink heart of bubble mix and the idea is to throw the bomb against the side of the bath to shatter the outer shell and release the pink core I had expected the white part to be quite thin so I was a little disappointed at the fairly small amount of pink stuff in the middle but maybe I chose a naff one. 
The small amount of pink "bubble mix" did fizzle out rather vibrantly once it had dissolved to the center (I went against throwing it at my tub) but it made absolutely no difference to the colour of the water which again I found a little disappointing. The little pink stuff floated around and I scooped a bit out and it definitely felt like a creamy bubble bar consistency and I found that it softened the water and also left my skin feeling quite smooth.
I added a bit more water to see if it would create any bubbles and it did make a nice soft frothy layer on top of the water but unfortunately it didn't last very long, the scent however lasted well after I'd left the tub and it is a gorgeous scent which is quite comforting on an Autumn night. 
Overall the scent is fab and if you're not after anything bright, colourful or glittery you'll probably quite like this but for me it's just not exciting enough to consider forking out another £3.20 for one, especially when I can get the much more exciting Golden Wonder for the just 5p more.

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  1. Thanks for the review!
    I think their Dragons Egg bomb is similar to this too with the idea of the shell and core :)

    1. I love Dragons Egg, it is similar but it has a huge lump of gold glitter in the middle and little colourful confetti discs in the white bit.
      : ]

  2. I want to try this one, sad it was a bit disappointing though :(

  3. Thanks for the review. LUSH is one of my favorite brand so want to try someday! :)


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