Saturday, 20 October 2012

Recent Purchases

Technic Clear Nail Varnish- 99p
Prime It Illuminating Face Primer- £3.99 
I really needed a clear nail varnish and for 99p this was ideal and I've seen this primer (clearly "inspired" by Benefit's That Gal Primer) every time I've been in Bodycare and decided to give it a go as my 17 Photo Flawless primer is running out.

Collar Studs- £2.99
I can see these getting a lot of wear this winter and for the price they were an absolute bargain.

Hand Maid Gel- £2.50
Flake Away- £2.50 Free
Soap & Glory is still on 3 for 2 so I got my mom another Hand Maid Gel which is why the Flake Away was free.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower- £4.79
I know you're supposed to read a book before you see the film version but I couldn't wait to see the film.

River Island:
Black and Gold Jumper- £25.00 £15.00
Tartan Shirt- £30.00  £15.00
Black and White Floral Shirt- £30.00  £15.00
I just so happened to go shopping the day River Island started their mid season sale and I am so pleased I did as I love the things I bought and I saved £40.00, I've already worn the jumper and it's so cosy for a night at the pub or meal out with Pete.

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  1. The collar studs are pretty cool.And the jumper is just lovely!
    Join my blog birthday giveaway ;)

  2. In love with the collar studs and the plaid shirt :O

  3. Great buys :) The River Island savings are so good! X


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