Monday, 5 November 2012

Cyber Candy Haul And Reviews

When I was at Uni I used to visit Cybercandy all the time as it was on the way to the train station and I'd regularly end up coming home with weird and wonderful sweeties. Since I've left uni I've been missing my regular sweet fix so when I heard about Cybercandy's Blogger Network I applied immediately and the lovely people offered me a little discount so of course I made a slightly ridiculous order and couldn't wait for my goodies to arrive. Delivery was really quick and my treats were well packed in this awesome box featuring their Candy Overlord, so here's what I bought:

Coconut M&M's- £1.55
Dark Aero- £1.94
Dark Mars- £1.93
Back in my uni days I would regularly pick up something for my mom, she loves dark chocolate and Cybercandy have loads of well known chocolatey things in more hard to get hold of dark chocolate variations. So I couldn't make an order without offering to get her a couple of goodies, I got her a dark Mars Bar which is her all time favourite chocolate bar, a dark Aero and some Coconut M&M's, here's what she had to say:
"The dark Areo was really creamy and yummy and even though it was 70% cocoa it wasn't bitter like a lot of dark chocolate, it was sweet without being sickly, the M&Ms: the coconut flavour was quite subtle and they were very moreish and the Mars was delicious as always."

And here are my purchases:

Romulan Ale- Energy Drink- £2.36
I've often been tempted by the unusual energy drinks and other fizzy drinks in Cybercandy but had never bought one and when I found this Star Trek themed one I absolutely had to get it if just for the can itself, I haven't drank it yet but I'm a little bit addicted to energy drinks so I'm sure I'll love it.

Wonka Rainbow Nerds- £2.99
I absolutely loved Nerds when I was younger and it saddens me that they aren't available in most shops anymore and when they are they're super expensive, Cybercandy have quite a few different flavours but I just couldn't pick so I went for this huge Rainbow box instead and to be honest I think this one of their best products in terms of how much you get for the price.

Wonka Fabulicious Sour Nerds- £1.49
I haven't tried this yet but it sounds so unusual they describe it as "Gummy rope with a kind of liquid sour centre that is mixed with nerds." I love Wonka products so I decided to add this to my basket and I can't wait to give it a try.

Milka & Oreo- £1.67
I think most of you will have tried some kind of Milka chocolate and if you haven't I suggest you do as it is delicious, I haven't tried the Oreo one before but I've heard that's it's absolutely delicious and I plan on having a night in with my mom tomorrow night with a bottle of wine, some chick flicks and this Milka bar.

Snickers 3 Nuts- £1.10
I love Snickers, I've had this bar before and absolutely loved it, I'm a sucker for any chocolate with nuts in and along with the Reese's Nutrageous bar this is my favourite chocolate bar from Cybercandy.

Halloween Sampler- £2.00
I couldn't resist this last minute addition as I love Reese's and the little halloween sweets looked too cute, I ate this last week and it made for a nice little treat while watching scary movies, the gummy sweets were a little sickly but as you only get a few they were quite nice, the Reese's Pumpkins were delicious and I was surprised to find that the Hershey Pumpkin Spice Kisses were really tasty, I didn't think I'd like them but they were unusual and yummy.

What's your favourite sweet treat?

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  1. Those coconut M&Ms look so nice, I might ask my penpal to send me some!x

  2. Great blog!!
    Maybe follow??


  3. I remember when Dark Aero were available over here for a while, they were SO good!

  4. I love Cyber Candy! You got lots of yummy treats :)


  5. I recently bought one of their bargain boxes, its so packed!! :D nom nom


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