Wednesday, 7 November 2012

NOTD: Turquoise Freak Out

I apologize for the fact that my nail varnish is a little chipped in my pictures but I painted them a couple of days ago and didn't get chance to take a picture before going to work.
I recently added a number of Models Own polishes to my ever growing nail varnish collection (see my latest additions here) and the latest one I got was part of their uber popular Mirrorball collection. Freak Out is a glitter polish containing small purple glitter circles, blue strips and various sized blue hexagons and diamond shapes, needless to say it is very pretty. I layered it over another of my new Models Own colours Top Turquoise and I love how it looks over the top especially the little pink bits which really stand out against the blues. I found the coverage of the glitter to be pretty good I used 3-4 coats on each nail to get the coverage shown but it looks good with just one if you don't fancy an over the top glittery look, one issue I've been having is that because of how chunky the glitter pieces are, especially the diamond shapes, it can be hard to get the glitter to lie flat. I painted on 2 coats of clear polish to seal the glitter in but had to add a third the next day and even after that I've had pieces peel off or stick up away from the nail but I have been sorting through stock for the past two days which hasn't helped. 
I love Top Turquoise it is possibly my new favourite colour and I can't wait to wear it alone or with an accent nail as I feel it is a bit overshadowed by the glitter in this NOTD. I think Freak Out will look great over other colours especially black or a dark violet which would make the blue stand out more than it does over Top Turquoise. 
Overall I really like Freak Out but it's not the most durable of nail polishes.

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