Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Product Review: Lush Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic

Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic- £3.25

This is (in my opinion) the prettiest bath ballistic from Lush's limited edition Christmas range and it smells wonderful, it has a mainly citrus scent with lime oil and orange oil being two of the main ingredients it also contains Cognac oil which gives the bomb a cocktail like smell which I love. 
The outer layer starts to fizz away filling the water with loads of tiny bits of gold glitter and little gold paper stars, after a while the outer layer will dissolve to reveal a beautiful bold blue center which turns the water a lovely blue colour.
 If you've picked one of these up in the shop and given it a little shake you may be aware that there is a little rattling sound coming from the centre, the first time I used this bomb I expected to find a little bell inside like the ones on the Magic Wand but there are actually 3 little coloured bits of bath bomb which float on the top of the water and fizzle away, you can see a little orange bit in the bottom pictures.
Lush claim that the glitter and stars are soluble so there are no glittery bits left after in the tub but whilst all the stars dissolve completely I do find that the bottom of the bath is left with a good coating of gold glitter but it does wash away fairly easily.If you've read any of my reviews of other Lush Bath Ballistics you will know that I like to try and get two uses out of a Lush bomb to make them a little bit more value for money and as this ballistic is huge I can easily get two uses per bomb and both baths are equally as glittery and cirtusy.
This is my favourite Bath Ballistic from Lush's Christmas range and I think it's really good value for money as it is huge and you can get two very pretty baths from each bomb.

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  1. My favourite bath bomb, you got some really good pictures of it and captured the colours well! :D

  2. I have this bathbomb and doing a review of it over the weekend I really do love it


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