Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Recent Purchases

I haven't been very good on the spending front lately, I put it down to sneaky purchases whilst I'm christmas shopping and working so close to most of my favourite shops so here's what I've bought:

Nail Varnish- £1.99
Fake fur Collar- £7.99
Studded Collar- £6.99
Studded Hair Slides- £1.99

The Birmingham Christmas Market-
Chocolate Hedgehogs- £2.00 each
Opium Scented Candle- £2.50

I adore the hideous giant cat head earrings I've been wearing them to work everyday and I couldn't resist the adorable bunny ring, all the items were £1.50 each.

The Comforter Bubble Bar- £4.25

Primark pj top- £4.50
Necklace- £3.00

Sanctuary Pore Refining Toner- £8.99 about £5.00 with instore promo and staff discount
Ricci Ricci Perfume- £28.80 
H! by Henry Holland Bunny Print Dress- £38.00 about £24.00 with instore promo and staff discount

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  1. Great buys! I love the crazy cat earrings haha

  2. Wow!!! Great picks! What caught my attention was the glittered nail polish. I am fond of nail polishes with glitters because I find them long lasting.


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