Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday summary

One of many bubble baths after being on my feet all day, Cheeky pre work Dominos with Pete, Wine, Last weeks Lush haul, Praline cookie= Amazing, Lush samples, Another bubble bath, Firday night Taco making with Pete, Another pizza, More junk food at Pete's, Sat in the sun before work, Todays super healthy lunch.
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Where I've Been- I've been at work all week which has been quite dull and exhausting but at least I'm now getting some exercise. Me and Pete have been house sitting for the last two days at his dads meaning we've eaten lots of junk food, cooked tacos and watched old people telly. I'm posting this quite late as I've been at work til 8 and I am knackered so I will keep this weeks Sunday Summary short and sweet.
Watching- I haven't watched any movies this week but I'm currently obsessed with Me And Mrs Jones and Homeland.
Product Of The Week- Lush bubble bars as they are exactly what I need after a long day on my feet, my current bar of choice is the Comforter.
Next Week- I actually have two days off this week so on Tuesday I'm hoping to go out with Pete then visit my nan and hopefully go out for dinner with Beth and on Thursday I'm planning on starting my Christmas shopping because I can't bear leaving it til the middle of December and of course I will be writing up some of the many blog posts I've got planned in my head.

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