Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Summary

Pete and I took a little walk in the country side, sneaky pre work Topshop purchases, Lunch with mom, I have officially started my Christmas shopping, The only bubble bath I had chance to have this week, Origins samples to try, Fans Of Faye album and launch party ticket.

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Where I've Been- I've gotten more used to my random working hours and I had two days off this week so I managed to actually got out and do things this week. On Tuesday Pete and I took a little drive out to the countryside to have a nice walk amongst the pretty trees, followed by fish and chips on a bench like we used to have all the time in college and then we visited my nan so it was a very chilled out relaxing day. On Thursday I went shopping with my mom and got a lot of my Christmas shopping done because I like to get it all done before December.  Last night Pete and I went to an album launch for the wonderful Fans Of Faye, they were awesome and the album is fantastic (YouTube them now!) Pete's known the most of the band since high school and it's lovely to see how far they've come over the past 5 years. I'm currently at Pete's after a fairly hideous shift at work, we shall be spending our evening completely slobbing out and getting super excited for our plans tomorrow.
Watching- We watched Charlotte Gray with Pete's mom on Friday night and I quite liked it but that's the only film I've watched this week, I am loving Made In Chelsea right now though.
Product Of The Week- Barry M Nail Varnish in Gold Mine, I love this colour and I have been getting quite a lot of compliments from customers about it, you can see Gold Mine in this NOTD
Next Week- Pete and I are going to the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas market tomorrow and I literally could not be more excited, I love it and I plan on stuffing my face with as many pancakes, cheese, hot chocolate and  hot dogs as I can. I might try and get my Christmas shopping done this week and possibly spend my other day off wrapping presents and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and no I don't care that it's not even December yet.

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  1. I like your blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

  2. I had lunch with my mum today and it actually reminded me of you because you always have a photo of lunch with your mum in these posts :) How much were the origin samples or were they free? x

    1. : ) they were free you can get a little trio of samples if you talk to the people on the origins counter I got a cleanser and a couple of eye creams to try.
      : ]


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