Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Summary

Gingerbread Reindeer from Pete's mom, Work fuel, New work habit, Delicious chocolate hedgehog from the Birmingham Frankfurt Market, Delicious bbq pulled pork, Wine and pj cuddles, Decorating the Christmas tree with little Skellingtons, Making the last of my gift tags, Essential Christmas movies, Pete bought me an early birthday present, Chinese buffet with my family.

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This Week ( and last week)- So I've pretty much spent all my time at work over the past two weeks but I managed to fit in some christmassy fun too, I have officially finished my Christmas shopping and wrapped nearly all of my presents. I've been spending too much of my free time browsing my favourite online shops and have made a few sneaky purchases which I hope will arrive next week.
Next Week- Me and Pete have been house sitting again at his dads and tonight I'm off to Frankie & Benny's with all the people at work for a Christmas meal which should be fun. Tomorrow I have the day off so I'm being a good sibling and going to help my brother get all his Christmas shopping and Wednesday I'm taking Pete for lunch at Chiquitos, I'm also hoping to hold my Blog's Birthday Giveaway this week so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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  1. How cute is that chocolate hedgehog! x

  2. I love those decorations :) x

  3. That reindeer looks too cute to eat!


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