Tuesday, 1 January 2013

In 2013 I Hope To...

.... Learn to drive
....spend more time outdoors 

...visit more places

....buy myself a laptop to blog from

... draw more

...Be happier and appreciate the little things more

I thought I'd steer clear of the usual resolutions this year because I know that I will not eat healthier, I will not exercise more and I definitely won't drink less so why start the year with a lie? 
My resolutions are small and achievable, obviously learning to drive is the main one and I'll be honest I'm pretty terrified of getting behind the wheel but I feel like it's time I got my license and stop treating Pete like a glorified taxi driver.

I'm already so excited for this year and I've already got lots planned to make this year the best one yet, here's a little snippet of my plans:
In March I'm going to the Theatre to see Cats which is my all time favourite show and it will be mine and Petes five year anniversary on the 29th, I'm also going to finally have my graduation ceremony.
In April I've booked tickets to see the comedian Rich Hall as part of Pete's birthday present and we're having a weekend away in Scotland for Pete's dads wedding.
In June I'm desperately hoping we'll get to go to Tenby as I really missed our annual Tenby trip last year, and the rest of the year shall be filled with achieving my resolutions.

Have you guys got any New Years Resolutions?

: ]


  1. I MUST learn to drive too! Happy new year x

  2. happy holidays! :D

    happy new year!



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