Thursday, 10 January 2013

NOTD: The After Party

So my lovely Beth got me the Nails Inc After Party Gift Set for my birthday and I finally got chance to try them out. 
I used Disco Lane on all my nails, which claims to be a black holographic glitter, in the bottle it looks beautiful and has a lovely holographic shimmer but once applied the holo effect is much more subtle but it's still gorgeous with tiny bits of glitter that shine loads of different colours.
I also used Soho Street which is chunky rainbow glitter and I must say the coverage is amazing I only used two coats to get the coverage shown in the pictures, it's such a beautiful polish it's definitely joined my favourites.

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  1. The accent nail is so nice :) x

  2. The finish is so beautiful. How is the wear? I have never really tried much nails inc before and feel I should give it a go! xo


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