Monday, 21 January 2013

NOTD: MUA Fur Effect Fluff In BooBoo Fluff

I'd heard mixed reviews of the MUA Nail Fluff pots but when I saw them on offer for £2.00 each I decided to pick up a couple and give them a go, I bought BooBoo Fluff and Fluffy Bobbin, I've tried out BooBoo Fluff and thought I'd share my thoughts.
As far as usage goes they are incredibly simple to use, you just paint on a couple of coats of your chosen colour probably as close to the colour of the fluff as you can get I chose a Miss Guided Polish in Splash which was a little more turquoise than the blue of the fluff but I think it matched fairly well. You then paint on another coat of either the same colour or just a clear coat an whilst it's wet you either shake the powdered fluff over the nail or dip your finger in the pot itself, like I did, and try to get as complete a coverage as possible and then dust or blow off the excessive. 
At this stage I was fairly impressed as they looked suitably fluffy and all the nails were completely coated, by the morning however they were already beginning to look a little patchy and clumpy the photo's here show the nails the day after I painted them and as you can see there are already a few noticeable bald patches. Right now they look pretty messy like an old balding Cookie Monster, after a night at the pub and work today, the fluff has come off a lot and has left the varnish underneath looking all dimply and odd.
So overall they're great for if you just want the fluffy look for an evening out but the wear is pretty awful in general however for a couple of quid I think it's worth the novelty and I'll definitely be trying the purple one out soon but maybe just on an accent nail.
I am yet to try removing the fluff but as a lot of it has come of with general wear I'm hoping it won't be too tricky to remove.

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  1. wow! this actually my first time to hear of it and see it! that's so cute esp the color! <3 :)



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