Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Summary

Hello Kitty onesie, Lunch alone, Really early shift, My favourites, Breakfast in the car, Chiquito's Green Eyes followed by nachos and Chilli Beef Flatbread Pizza, New jacket.

My work hours have been a lot less brutal this week so I've had some time to start blogging again and actually go out and do things. 
I spent a very quite NYE with Pete at his playing board games and getting through a bottle of wine on my own, we didn't bother going out as we both had early shifts on New Years Day but I honestly wasn't bothered because I still got to start the new year with Pete which is all I wanted.
Work has been a little stressful due to a constant stream of returns but I got told I'm being kept on now my Christmas temp contract has ended which I'm quite relieved about although I'm only on a 12 hour contract I'm hoping I'll get lots of over time.
It was Pete's birthday on Thursday so we went for lunch at Chiquito followed by a trip to the pub where a lot of vodka was consumed, I went to the pub with Beth on Friday night where even more vodka was consumed and I went for an Indian last night with Pete and his dad which was quite nice.
Due to my new contract I now have my weekends free so I'm hoping to spend a lot more time on my blog and start drawing again.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend! Sometimes low-key NYEs are much better anyways. I feel like theirs so much pressure to make a big deal out of it that it is just way easier keep it simple and be with your loved ones! It always turns out funner that way!

  2. that onesie is utterly amazing!

  3. been craving for that food! what a week for you. all the best for us :)


  4. Great selection of lovely pictures

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    Claudia xx


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