Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Summary

Trying out Honey Bee, Marie Antoinette, Snow outside work, Lunch with Pete, My new baby, Cinders, Pj day, Movie marathon, Ruby Red Slippers which was lovely, Treats from Pete, Feeling ill, Last night before things got drunk and messy.

So I'm currently sat wrapped in a blanket watching Harry Potter and feeling sorry for myself as I've just broken out in a cold, the rest of my weekend was pretty much the same, blogging in my pj's watching dvd's and moping. I went out Friday night for a friends birthday which involved predrinks at her's before spending a few pretty odd hours up town and doing my best to comfort one of my oldest friends who's was drowning her broken heart with champagne followed by Jack Daniels.
The rest of my week was ok, things were really quiet at work probably because of the snow, I spent quite a lot of time with Pete watching the snow fall and we took a nice snowy walk to the pub last Sunday night to meet his dad which as usual resulted in lots of talk about his wedding and drinking a little too much followed by a snowball fight in the pub car park.
I got my laptop this week which is my first big purchase since I started my job so I'm feeling pretty chuffed and it's made blogging so much easier to fit around work and Pete however it's also made online shopping dangerously easy.
 I've made a couple of purchases this weekend including a couple of dress options for the wedding and a few H&M goodies as I found a couple of discount codes; one for £5 off your order and another for 25% off the highest priced item in your basket. You can find both codes here if you click "show voucher code" it opens the H&M website and copies the code so you just need to right click paste in the voucher box once you've confirmed your order and the second code is missing a zero at the start so just add the zero and it should work.

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  1. Nothing will beat the peanut butter chunky kit kats from last year! XD

  2. I can't believe I still haven't seen Marie Antoinette! Everyone says it's amazing. I really hope you'll get better soon :)x


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