Friday, 22 February 2013

Feature Friday: February Wishlist

February Wishlist

  1. I really really don't need another nail varnish but how could I ignore this gorgeous pink glitter, the shade is called Unicorn which just makes me want it even more.
  2. There are so many cat t-shirts floating around at the moment and I adore this black H&M vest and for £9.99 I could very well find myself popping into to H&M after work to pick one up.
  3. I really don't own many skirts so I don't think I'd feel too guilty adding this adorable duck print one to my wardrobe and the material is soft and floaty, perfect for spring.
  4. I never got round to seeing this at the cinema but the trailer makes it look so beautiful and Aaron Johnson is strangely hot with a blonde moustache.
  5. I'm pretty much definitely buying this t-shirt, I really love the print, the roll up sleeves and baggy fit I would wear it constantly.
  6. This shirt is so cute but I'm really not sure if it would suit me so I may have to try it on.
  7. This dress is just perfection.
  8. I've tried out a sample of this and it may end up being my second ever Origins purchase- review coming soon.
  9. In my eyes £26 is quite a lot for a t-shirt but this has really grabbed my attention and with Topshop offering free delivery until tomorrow I'm very tempted by this.
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  1. I love everything in this, one of the best wishlist's I've ever seen x

  2. ooo loving the broken heart shirt, its really nice! :)


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