Saturday, 23 February 2013

Lush Easter Range

So as soon as I saw this years Easter Range in The Lush Times I knew I'd end up trying it all so as soon as it became available online I thought I'd make my slightly ridiculous order.

The Brightside Bubble Bar
The Brightside Bubble Bar- £4.25
I love Blue Skies and The Comforter so I was delighted to see this Bubble Bar and ordered it without even reading the description but I went in store the next day and gave it a sniff and it smells lovely, Lush describe the scent as Triple orange so you can imagine how refreshing and citrus like it smells.

Egg Hunt Soap- £3.40 for 100g
Just after I ordered this I got given quite a large free sample in my local Lush so it was quite an unnecessary purchase but the smell makes it worth it, this soap has a sweet raspberry scent that is really strong, it smells exactly like the Mumkin Bubble Bar from their Mothers Day range which I adore.

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb- £2.95
I bought a lot of these last Easter and I'll be buying a load this year too, the scent is really sweet and quite similar to the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar or Rockstar soap and the design is just adorable.

The Carrot Reusuable Bubble Bar- £4.95
Although I like Lush's bubble wands I've always much preferred the bubble bars, this Carrot however is a favourite of mine it has a lovely tropical fruity scent that is quite different from most of the Lush products and you get quite a few baths out of each carrot.

Henata Bath Bomb- £4.50
I wasn't going to buy this one as £4.50 is quite a lot for a bath bomb but it is huge and you're meant to crack it open as it has a bath bomb egg inside so you'd get at least two baths out of the cute little hen, unfortunately I dropped the package on the floor so he has already cracked in half. 

Sea Spray- £9.95
This obviously isn't from the Easter range but I just ran out of my L'Oreal salt spray so I thought I'd give the Lush one a go after putting it off for ages because of the price.

Lush Blue Fun
2 Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioners
2 Rehab Shampoos

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  1. Awesome haul and even your freebies rock!!

  2. Wow these all look soo gorgeous!

    I've definitely got to get some of these! I don't know which, though!

    Kimberley x

  3. Great Blog!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

  4. wow lush makes the cutest things! I don't think I could ever use these up if I hauled that much :P But then I don't have baths but with things like that I probably should start!

  5. That carrot is the cutest thing, ever! I might go and buy the box, just for the carrot I think it is absolutely fantastic! x

  6. So lovely! Love a lush product.


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