Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Product Review: Lush Jasmine And Henna Fluff Ease

Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze- £11.95

I got a sample of this a few weeks ago and I was really looking forward to trying it out as I do struggle with frizz from time to time as well as fly aways and this is supposed to be well suited to red hair.
 Lush say this is a pre-wash treatment to get control of fluffy, untamed hair, you apply it to dry hair and leave it on for around 20 minutes to allow the product to soak in, you then wash it out and shampoo and condition your hair as normal. Afterwards you should find that your hair is easier to comb and holds it's style better as well as being smooth and shiny.
The first thing I noticed when I opened this up was the smell which was really strong and honestly I hated it, I don't know how to describe it but it's quite sour, a lot of people on the Lush site say they really like the smell so I guess its down to personal taste. If you do like the smell you'll be glad to hear that it really lingers on your hair, even after washing and conditioning my hair I could smell the mask on my hair and it lasted until I next washed my hair.
After use I did find that my hair looked less frizzy and there were noticeably less fly aways but I wouldn't say my (quite knotty) hair was any easier to comb.
Overall I was pleased that my hair was less frizzy but the overwhelming smell really ruined this product for me and for £11.95 I definitely wouldn't consider buying this especially when I just tried another frizz fighting product that works much better and is more than half the cost.

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  1. its a shame you didnt like it as it did sound like a good idea. i find that a lot of lush's scents you either love or hate xxx

  2. i hate it when a smell ruins a product x

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