Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Summary

Watching Warm Bodies, Baking Valentines cupcakes, Second cinema trip of the week, Going out for dinner, Beer battered fish and chips, Valentines gifts from Pete, Many pancakes all for me, Free Egg Hunt soap.

I didn't do my Sunday Summary last sunday as I'd had a very dull week and had taken all of one Instagram photo but this week I had a lot of time off work so I actually had a pretty great week. On monday I went to see Warm Bodies with my mom, which was great and Nicholas Hoult made a delightful zombie, I spent most of tuesday in the kitchen making pancakes and baking cupcakes.
Me and Pete decided to celebrate Valentines day on Wednesday because we are cheapskates and wanted to get 2 for 1 at the cinema also valentines night can make restuarants stupidly busy and loud, why do people not appreciate the sanctity of the comfortable eating silence. We went to a lovely place called The Crooked House because it's actually crooked they have a gumball machine with marbles in it so you can place them on the bar and watch them roll, I had beer battered fish and chips followed by the most delicious dessert; Banofee Rice Pudding Brulee served in a huge tea cup.
We spent the actual valentines day in our pjs making pancakes, playing Starfluxx and watching The Five Year Engagement. On Friday night we went out to celebrate Pete's graduation with a fantastic meal at Cielo Italian Restaurant in Birmingham, I had Bruschetta Pomodoro followed by Penna Salsiccia (pasta and chorizo) and a trio of Sorbets for dessert as well as a large amount of wine, perfection.

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