Thursday, 14 March 2013

Review: Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil For Fine Hair

So as you may be aware Glamour Magazine comes with free Percy & Reed goodies this month, I have to say I wasn't particularly excited as they have given away Percy & Reed products before and I tried the conditioner and found it very disappointing. This time around there is a choice of a shampoo, conditioner, hair oil or finishing polish, I went for the hair oil as it was the only product that I actually wanted to try, I have so far not succumbed to the hype surrounding hair oils like the infamous Moroccanoil and have never been tempting to try any as I feared they may just make my hair look greasy and weighed down. 
I was looking forward to trying this because it is a no oil hair oil so I thought it may be more suited to my hair than most other oils on the market and I was right my hair is absolutely loving it. 
First off the smell is gorgeous, as I've said many times I suck at describing scents so I put it to my mom and she described it as a sweet mix of blackcurrant and apples, it's a very light scent that lingers nicely on the hair. I use 2 or 3 drops applying it to the lengths of my hair once it's towel dry, which results in my hair being left smooth and incredibly soft, it also reduces the frizziness my hair has been suffering from recently. This is labeled as a volumising oil and I did notice that with along with a bit of my Lush Salt Spray my hair dries in nice beachy waves and looks a bit more bouncy than usual but I wouldn't say it did anything too amazing in terms of volume.
As I'm currently on my spending ban I won't be purchasing this anytime soon but if the little freebie lasts as well as I think it will I would seriously consider buying the full size once my ban is over and I don't think £14.00 is too bad a price for the amount you get. 

Did you try any of the Percy & Reed freebies with this months Glamour?

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