Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday Summary

Trip to Hobbycraft, Naughty purchases, Costa with my Mom, Relaxing on a day off, Pete bought us pizza, Watching Toy Story 2,

I had a lot of this week off so I made the most of it and went out in the lovely sunshine, Me and Pete spent Wednesday acting like an old married couple with a trip to Hobbycraft where I bought loads of lovely new pens followed by a huge walk round Ikea. On Thursday I went on my final shopping trip before starting my 100 day no spending challenge, Pete came over on Friday with a Dominos and we played board games. I went out last night and got a little tipsy so I'm feeling a little crappy today so I'm having a very quiet day to prepare for a crappy shift tomorrow of 1 til 10, I have quite a busy week at work with lots of overtime so I'm planning blog posts for the week today.

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  1. lovely pictures. i love going to hobbycraft and looking at everything. and whenever i go to ikea i spend agess there, i make a day of it having lunch and everything xxx

  2. Your week seems ideal, I hate how my nearest hobbycraft is an hours drive away lol! I'm now craving a costa panini and one of those chocolatey citrus tarte thingies, the nearest thing I have to that is Jaffa cakes :( haha


  3. Im always scared to go in Hobby Craft! I worry I would buy way too much and just glue it all over the house haha XD


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