Monday, 6 May 2013

April Empties

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly-
I really like the sweet scent of this but I wish it lasted a bit longer on the skin.
Would I Repurchase- I already have.

Beyonce Pulse-
I actually won this and although it's not the kind of thing I'd buy myself it actually smelt really nice and was a good daytime scent.
Would I Repurchase- I don't think I'd actually go and buy this myself.

Aussie Frizz Miracle Conditioner-
I really like Aussie products but I wasn't all that keen on this one, there wasn't anything particularly wrong with it I just prefer other ones.
Would I Repurchase- No I don't think so.

Elemis Skin Clear Moisturiser Sample-
You can read my full review of this here.
Would I Repurchase- I wouldn't buy a full size of this.

Lush Ponche Shower Gel-
I really love this shower gel, it smells so good fruity with a bit of a kick, perfect for your morning shower.
Would I Repurchase- I really wish this was available all year round, I'll definitely be stocking up at christmas

Lush Tea Tree Water-
This is still the best toner I've ever tried, it leaves my skin so soft and refreshed.
Would I Repurchase- I already have.

Lush Marilyn-
You can read my full review of this here, I use this once or twice a week on the ends of my hair which leaves it a little lighter, softer and generally in better shape.
Would I Repurchase- I have another one stashed away from the Lush sale back in January.

Soap & Glory Mini Hand Food-
Lovely hand cream with the classic Soap & Glory scent.
Would I Repurchase- I have a load of different body creams to work through so I won't be repurchasing this for a while.

Origins Zero Oil Cleanser Sample-
This smells lovely and minty but after a few uses it hasn't really wowed me.
Would I Repurchase- I wouldn't purchase a full size one of these as it didn't impress me enough to justify paying £17.00 for it.

Lush Bubble Bars-
The Brightside-
I really liked this but I just wish the scent was a little stronger, you can read my full review of it here.
Would I Repurchase-Yes I have another stashed away.

I will be doing a full review of this so all I'll say is that I really liked it.
Would I Repurchase- Maybe.

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  1. I'm using Ponche at the moment, I love it but my bottle is leaky so I have to keep it at the most awkward angle :/ x


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